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The Mark Leveridge April Podcast

The show fee debate rages on, but I make the case that all fee amounts have equal validity : if you never perform magic for the lay public, does that mean you should have no involvement with magic at all? : we are all guilty sometimes of performing tricks that we like and not necessarily ones that our audiences like : musicians can teach magicians much about dedication : if you could create the perfect magic convention, what would it look like? : lay people are sometimes impressed simply because they do not know the secret rather than by the skills that brought about the magic

E-Club Pro Member Updates - April

The Vintage Vault - I explain an amended and improved handling for ESP Match Up, the very clean ESP symbol matching effect
The Book Corner - the extracts from Marketing Yourself this time cover brochures, leaflets and business cards as well as business networking
The Advice Centre - questions are posed on whether age is a factor when performing for money and also whether your fees can be too cheap
The Toolbox - you can learn a terrific move from Al Schneider that will enable you to penetrate a coin through a cloth in the cleanest of manners
The Audio Booth - an interesting and thought provoking Mark's Monthly Message Audio File this month dealing with magical self awareness
The Lecture Room - in the 8th part of the recording of the Academy Inner Circle Session we have a discussion about what makes a good business card
The Archive - all the latest relevant segments from the E-Video Newsletter have been added along with the most current Mark's Monthly Message
The TricKlip Viewer - learn how to take a borrowed bank note, tear and restore the centre, before handing it back, with an effect called Tearaway
The Download Portal - your pdf routine to download and keep for April is Spin Out, one my all time favourite commercial card effects

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