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The Advice Centre

The Advice Centre is one of the key elements of E-Club Pro as it offers you the opportunity to get direct access to Mark for help and advice on magic topics that are of particular importance to you. The Advice Centre consists of three main elements:

  • FAQs - here you will find a long list of questions covering all manner of interesting magical topics with Mark's considered answers. It may well be that replies to things you had always wanted to know about are already included in the list. Two new FAQs are added each month.
  • Personal Advice - if what you want to know is not included in the current FAQs list, then as an E-Club Pro member you are entitled to ask Mark directly up to three questions per month to which Mark will give you an answer of up to 200 words. This is a great way to get reassurance or information about any magical matter which interests you.
  • Video Tips - not all products from Mark Leveridge Magic come with an accompanying DVD, and so it may be that you have purchased items in the past on which you would like some clarification about a move or a piece of handling required to perform the trick. As an E-Club Pro member, you are allowed to place with Mark one enquiry per month about a product and you will receive a personal VIDEO reply in which Mark will explain and demonstrate the move or handling you are having difficulty with. This must be one of the most useful and individual forms of After Sales Service available anywhere, and it can be yours if you join E-Club Pro.

Here are a couple of extracts taken from the FAQs part of the Advice Centre pages....

Q: When working tables, how do you decide what order to take the tables in?

A: This can be decided by many factors. At a dinner function I try to find out what order the tables will be served and cleared so that I can try to make sure that I am away from those tables that the staff need to access. At the start of the evening I usually go for a table where everyone is seated and looking settled and which is perhaps to one side or at the end of the room. I never like to start with a table in the middle simply because I need to get warmed up myself and find it less intimidating to start on the edges of the room. I try to never work a table where people are eating. I also avoid tables where someone is busy pouring wine, or where guests are pre-occupied pulling crackers, or opening gifts etc. You want as few distractions as possible to make your job easier. At a wedding I try to do the top table sooner rather than later otherwise the bridegroom and best man are too distracted by the thought of their impending speeches!  

Q: Do you vary your fees for shows depending on the enquirer, or do you have a fixed rate?

A: Yes, to a degree. I have a scale of charges which applies to certain types of show. So I have one scale for small private parties and another higher scale for corporate or large dinner functions. With children’s shows I also have different fee scales depending on whether it is a birthday party or a large children’s event run by a school or company. I don’t, however, raise or lower my fees depending on whether I feel the enquirer can afford it or not! It is impossible to second guess what a potential booker might feel is cheap or expensive as it all depends on whether they have realistic expectations of what entertainment might cost and what they therefore feel is reasonable value. In the same way that you can be too expensive, you can also appear too cheap to some people. My advice is assess what you feel you are worth and broadly stick to that.   

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