Colour Confusion - £10.00

Premier E-Routine Download

A blue backed deck is openly displayed and one card selected from the face down deck. Cutting the selection back into the pack and shuffling the deck, the performer offers to find the selection in a quick and effective way.

Snapping his fingers over the deck, he turns the cards face down and spreads through the entire deck to reveal that every card back has changed from blue to red, except for just one card, and that turns out to be the selected card!

No sleight of hand required, this is designed to instantly re-set in front of the spectators and everything takes place up in your hands, thus making it ideal for walkabout work.

This effect is supplied as a Premier E-Routine, which is a downloadable pdf text file which contains a link to additional downloadable video instructions. You will need to make up a special deck using readily available cards.