Difficulty Symbol

Buying a product without seeing it demonstrated can be, at times, a bit of a shot in the dark! You may not be able to judge with any degree of accuracy, for instance, how difficult the item is to perform. In an attempt to help customers to try to evaluate the possible difficulty of individual products, we have issued each item with a difficulty symbol.


The above is an example of the symbols that we use in our Illustrated Catalogue, on the packaging of the tricks themselves, and also here on our website. The symbols comprise of a box with card pips inside. The more pips that are showing, the harder the trick is likely to be to master. The fewer pips showing in the box, the easier it will be.

So, for example, an item which has all four pips showing, as in the first illustration here, is classed as being among the most difficult in our range. A product showing two pips, lies about half way in our range in terms of difficulty, and a trick which rates no pips, as below, is the very easiest we sell.

Obviously, trying to assess 'difficulty' is problematical as every magician has a different starting point. However, by comparing the ‘difficulty gauge' of various tricks which you have already bought (you will know how long it took you to master the bought item and so this creates a benchmark for that particular symbol for you), you will start to get a feel for what the symbols mean for you personally, and hopefully this will become a useful rough guide for you when it comes to assessing new purchases.

With items such as books or videos, where there is a variety of easy and more demanding routines, this is the symbol that you will see.