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 offering magicians everywhere monthly updated Members' Only website sections full of help, advice and new magic and .....all with over 35 years experience built in!

For those who want to delve that little bit deeper

"Joining E-Club Pro Elite has been the best thing I've done." Michael Hazzledine

E-Club Pro provides members with a bedrock of instruction, advice and help, and for many this satisfies their needs perfectly adequately.

But there are some members within the club who have plenty of experience and who would therefore welcome the opportunity to delve deeper into some of the topics and areas that would not be possible in the normal E-Club Pro format.

For those members there is a higher level of membership called
E-Club Pro Elite.

As an E-Club Pro Elite member you will receive everything that comes with the regular E-Club Pro membership, plus these fantastic extras:

  • The Marketing Suite - each month I will be providing detailed information to assist Elite members with their show marketing. Some of this information will be drawn from my Magic Marketing Masterclass Pack, other elements will either be produced fresh or will come from other relevant pre-prepared content. The information will be supplied online in video, text or audio formats and will build into a hugely beneficial resource for those who are serious about their show promotion. I will also be providing extra content of a wider business orientated nature which will show how magic can be used away from the more normal social events.
  • Mark’s Monthly Message - Bonus Edition - the regular MMM will arrive as normal for Elite members but they will also receive an extra bonus video which will provide more in depth information on MMMs from the past, enabling me to give far more detail on topics we have covered previously.
  • Heart To Heart With Mark - sometimes you have an issue or a magical problem which you want to discuss with someone, and Elite members will be able to book up to one 20 minute telephone call with me a month so that we can chew over the problem and see if we can come up with a solution.  Simple enquiries can be dealt with via The Advice Centre, so the Heart To Heart With Mark is designed for more complex situations where a chat would be more helpful to get stuff done!
  • Elite Buyers Club - Elite members will receive a 20% refund on the product value of any full price online order.  You simply place your order and pay in full, and then on receiving notification of your order, I will refund you 20% of the product price.
  • Elite Books - Elite members will also receive pdfs each month to download and keep with serialised extracts from my books. The Book Corner gives a flavour for my book contents, but Elite Books will consist of much larger chunks of advice and routines.
The Marketing Suite materials, plus the Mark's Monthly Message Bonus Editon and the Elite Books pdf downloads will all be linked to from a special E-Club Pro Elite Resource Newsletter email that will be sent to Elite members on the 5th of each month. All the regular E-Club Pro updates will continue as normal on the 1st of each month with the regular Mark's Monthly Message on the 14th.
As with E-Club Pro itself, Elite members are not locked into any set membership period. At any time they can return to standard E-Club Pro membership, or withdraw entirely, if they find the Elite section is not for them.
Applications for Elite membership can be made at any time. The special Elite members Resource Newsletters will then start to be sent to you from the 5th of the following month after your registration becomes live, and the Newsletters will start with No.1 and continue in sequence month by month.

Membership to E-Club Pro Elite costs just £18.00 per month

Signing Up To E-Club Pro Elite

To set up your monthly payment and to thus enroll for E-Club Pro Elite, just click the Subscribe button below and complete the simple PayPal form.

On receiving your payment set up confirmation from PayPal, we will email you your Username and Password plus full instructions for how to access all the E-Club Pro and Elite pages.

  Your membership has NO FIXED PERIOD and so you may cancel it or reduce it down to the regular E-Club Pro membership at any time simply by sending us an email with your request.

 If you leave the club completely, your Username and Password will be removed with immediate effect and your PayPal payments will be cancelled.