Imagination - £10.00

Premier E-Routine Download 

Originally only available to members of E-Club Pro, or those who have seen it in the E-Club Pro Live lecture, this terrific commercial routine is now being generally released.

A spectator is handed an invisible deck and is asked to spread the cards and note that all the red cards are bunched together and all the black cards are assembled together. Splitting the deck so that he holds all the invisible red cards in one hand and all the blacks in the other, he hands over one half which is placed by a second spectator into the invisible cards box.

Now the cards are spread again and the spectator is asked to note that all the court cards are together, and all the spot cards are together. Splitting them into their two groups he is invited to hand either section over to be replaced into the box.

From the remaining cards he selects any one and names out loud which one he has chosen. The invisible selection is dropped momentarily into an empty envelope. Moments later a REAL card is tipped from the same envelope and it turns out to be the one selected by the spectator!

Designed specifically for commercial walkabout performance, Imagination is simple to do and packs a strong magical punch. Instantly repeatable, this takes up virtually no room and so is practical for the strolling magician. No gimmicks or sleight of hand required, this can be performed surrounded.

This Premier E-Routine Download comes as downloadable pdf text instructions along with a link to also watch and/or download video instructions.