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Posted at 31/03/19 - 02:54 PM

One aspect of performing that can be, in my opinion, very instrumental to success, is your credibility with the audience.

Famous TV magicians can sell out large venues because they have already been  seen many times on the box and have established in advance with the viewers that they are good at what they do. Their credibility and standing is therefore not in question and the audience are simply hoping that the performer will live up to the reputation that has been created by these television appearances.

Naturally this brings its own pressures for TV magicians performing live, because many of the things the lay people have seen them do can really only be done on television, but provided that they select suitable strong material and genuinely have the skills to put the magic across, it’s relatively easy for them to impress. The audiences have been ‘warmed up’ by the TV appearances so it is a bit like pushing against an open door.

So this is all well and good if you are one of the very few lucky ones who has been seen regularly on the small screen (that’s a bit of a misnomer these days with the size of some people’s TVs, don’t you think!), but what about the rest of us not-so-famous performers? Can we somehow create some credibility ahead of our shows?

Well, yes, I think it is possible, and there are a number of ways that you can attempt to build your esteem in the eyes of potential bookers.

For instance, you can have some good, short live video trailers on your website showing you working. This is essentially doing what the TV guys do by showcasing your act in a real world setting. More than anything else, this will help to establish your credentials.

On a similar note, your website should look ‘the business’, have plenty of good up to date photos and be easy for bookers to navigate and access the information they are interested in.

Next, make sure that you use relevant testimonials from previous clients. There are plenty of opportunities to add these to emails, and if you are able to attach a quote that is from a previous booking that matches the type of show you are quoting for or confirming, this will show the booker that a) you are a busy, established performer and b) that you do just the type of event that the booker requires.

Another way to create trust between you and a potential booker is by dealing with their enquiry with a high level of efficiency and professionalism. Answering their enquiry promptly, having a clear and totally relevant email response that answers their questions as closely as possible, and just generally being helpful and interested in their event will all go towards building confidence in you. It may be nothing specifically to do with your act, but it does reflect on you as a reliable business person.

Of course the very best help with your credibility is when those who have seen you work rave to their friends and acquaintances about you. The people they are telling know that the comments are genuine, and so the veracity of what they say is never in question, something that written testimonials cannot quite match.

Author: Mark Leveridge

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