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Web Offers - August 2019

1. Gnashers E-Routine

2. The Emperor's Coins - TricKlip

 Web Offer No.1


I regularly use this routine in my children's magic shows and it is perfect for the 4-7 age range. All you will need to get the routine together are a few silks, a three way change bag and a pair of large wind up chattering teeth (available in most joke shops). There's loads of fun as the teeth, in an attempt to untie one of the hankies from a chain of three placed in the bag, only manages to chew holes in it. At first your attempts to magically repair the hanky only makes it worse before finally all ends well. Lasts 5-6 minutes.

This effect is supplied as an E-Routine, which is a downloadable pdf text file.

Aug 2019 Web Offer Price: £4.00
(a saving of £3.00 on the regular cost)

 Web Offer No.2

The Emperor's Coins

A TricKlip Video Download

By their very nature, most coin routines which do NOT use gimmicked coins tend to be a bit difficult to perform. Sleights become almost inevitable which means that many people who find difficulty in that area may be put off doing any sort of routine which involves ordinary coins.

THE EMPEROR’S COINS is a bit different! It’s rather unusual presentation means that technically there is far less to do than you would normally expect, the final vanish of the coins being probably the only element of the routine which takes any significant practice.

Designed as a set piece for a close up show, this routine provides a really different ‘dressing’ for the production and then vanish of four coins. In fact, as the performer, you do not appear to be ever aware that the coins ARE appearing, as you claim they are there all the time! This understated and slightly off-beat way of going about the trick makes for an entertaining and magically surprising routine which your audiences will undoubtedly enjoy, as I hope you will.

August 2019 Web Offer Price: £6.00

(a saving of £4.00 on the regular cost)

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