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Web Offers - September 2018

1. The British Close Up Magic Symposium - The First Decade

2. ATM

 Web Offer No.1

The British Close Up Magic Symposium

The First Decade E-Book

214 pages, featuring 80 items contributed by 52 close up performers from around the world

The first decade of the Symposium (1989 - 1999) saw 6 superb close up conventions featuring some of the very best close up performers from around the world.

To coincide with each Symposium a comb bound book was released with contributions from the performers at that particular event, and over the 10 year period an enormous amount of varied material was published.

Then in 1999 a special 10 Year Anniversary Book was released featuring further NEW ROUTINES from many of the performers who appeared at the first five events.

This new compilation brings together in one hard backed book virtually all of the above material thus preserving it for the benefit of magicians now and in the future. A look at the list of contributors shows you what a strong line up it is….

Jon Allen, Michael Ammar, Paul Andrews, Mike Austin, John Bannon, Steve Bedwell, Stuart Bowie, Janet Clare, Aldo Colombini, Alistair Cook, Rob Cox, Roger Crosthwaite, Dusty, Keith Fields, Dan Garrett, Paul Gordon, Paul Hallas, Ken Hawes, Guy Hollingworth, John Hotowka, JJ, Graham Jolley, Dave Jones, Ian Keable, Walt Lees, Melvin Lehair, John Lenahan, Mark Leveridge, Trevor Lewis, Simon Lovell, Shaun McCree, Richard McDougall, Andy Nyman, Bob Ostin, Anthony Owen, Marc Paul, Chris Payne, Mike Porstmann, Chris Power, Geoff Ray, Kevin Reay, Tony Rix, David Roth, Al Smith, Bob Swadling, Stephen Tucker, Michael Vincent, Jorg Willich, Paul Wilson, Richard Wiseman and Tommy Wonder. 

The range and variety of magic offered is enough to keep even the most demanding close up enthusiast happy. Along with the ubiquitous cards and coins, there is magic with more unusual items such as Jelly Bears, goldfish, spoons, polo mints, and apples! Plus there are thought provoking articles on approaching a table, how to keep a restaurant job once you've got it, how to soften the blow of powerful magic to make it more acceptable to the public, how to entertain children with close up, how to get and cope with trade show work, plus much more. Professional comment from experienced performers. 

This book is a fitting tribute to those talented performers who made the Symposium what it was in its first decade. Get this book and you will share in the 'magic'!

Sept 2018 Web Offer Price: £18.00
(a saving of £7.00 on the regular cost)

 Web Offer No.2


A deck of cards becomes a portable ATM or Cashpoint machine! The cards signify amounts of money (i.e. a 5 = £5 or $5 etc) and the card box itself has a set of numbers on it which acts as a keypad for entering information into the machine.

A credit or cash card belonging to the performer is dropped into the empty card box. A spectator selects a card, a 10, and after entering his pin number on the box keypad, the box is opened and the card plus a genuine £10 are tipped from inside!

The magician then tries to repeat the idea using a spectator's credit card, but the card vanishes from the box only to be replaced by an Out Of Service notification card! All ends well when the borrowed credit card is found in a surprising place right under the noses of the audience.

The routine is supplied as a TricKlip Download Video.

Sept 2018 Web Offer Price: £4.00

(a saving of £3.00 on the regular cost)

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