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Web Offers - April 2019

1. The Commercial Sponge Ball Routine TricKlip

2. Trade Show Magic E-Book

 Web Offer No.1

The Commercial Sponge Ball Routine

A TricKlip Video Download

This is the exact routine as used by Mark Leveridge in his commercial close up work and also to open all his children’s shows.

No new concepts, no ‘flashy’ moves, just a thoroughly professional and entertaining routine which has proved its value over countless performances.

There are few more popular routines with lay people than the sponge balls, and Mark Leveridge’s fast paced sequence will provide you with a practical version which you will quickly learn and use.

Apr 2019 Web Offer Price: £6.00
(a saving of £4.00 on the regular cost)

 Web Offer No.2

Trade Show Magic E-Book

The Professional Worker Series is a selection of targeted and focused E-Books which offer professional, sound advice on a number of key performance areas.

The E-Books are written in an easy to understand style which cuts out all the waffle and padding, and instead gets right to the core of each subject.

Volume 2 in this series concentrates on how to use magic at trade shows and business exhibitions.

For many years I have been working at business events using my strolling magic as a highly effective way to put across company messages and to help promote them at their exhibitions.

My approach is practical and very professional and has achieved excellent feedback and results from the companies that I have worked for.

“Mark made all the difference at a recent exhibition. He worked his magic so that visitors to our stand arrived happy and engaged which meant we saw a real improvement compared with “normal” results at such events.” Duncan Laker, Welcome Telecom Ltd

The secrets of how you can achieve similar success are contained in this helpful E-Book. I explain in detail what will be expected of you at a trade show, how you can deliver what you promise, what the potential pitfalls are with this type of specialised work and how to avoid them, how you can use your magic to the best advantage of your clients, plus much more.

Trade show work is not something you can just blunder into unprepared. Your aims and targets are very different to those you expect at a normal social event, and to be unaware of the differences could make life very difficult for you. 

With the practical, detailed advice that I have provided in this E-Book, you will at the very least be fully appraised of what you need to know, and can properly evaluate whether trade show work is for you. The information could make the difference between you succeeding or failing, so get your copy and ensure you are properly prepared.

Apr 2019 Web Offer Price: £6.00

(a saving of £4.00 on the regular cost)

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