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Web Offers - February 2019

1. Going Walkabout

2. Holiday

 Web Offer No.1

Going Walkabout

The Professional Worker Series - Volume 1

The Professional Worker Series is a selection of targeted and focused E-Books which offer professional, sound advice on a number of key performance areas.

The E-Books are written in an easy to understand style which cuts out all the waffle and padding, and instead gets right to the core of each subject.

The first volume in the series is entitled Going Walkabout, and it contains 28 pages of important and valuable information about how to make a success of working close up magic at reception style events where the spectators are all standing or where there is, at best, only a very informal arrangement of seats, but no tables.

The 7 chapters included are as follows:

Chapter 1 Defining Going Walkabout
Chapter 2 Types Of Events
Chapter 3 The Approach
Chapter 4 How To Effectively Work A Group
Chapter 5 Picking The Right Magic Material
Chapter 6 Technicalities
Chapter 7 The Perfect Walkabout Magician

Each chapter gives honest, no nonsense opinion and advice which will help you to learn the really key information that you need to help you quickly make a success of this type of performance. You'’ll understand how to approach standing groups of spectators, the techniques required to command and keep their attention, you'll learn what type of magic to choose and how to carry it, you'll discover practical ways to cover for bad angles, plus so much more.

You can benefit from my 30+ years of experience performing this type of magic, and so it's an opportunity not to be missed if you want to be a successful walkabout performer.

Feb 2019 Web Offer Price: £6.00
(a saving of £4.00 on the regular cost)

 Web Offer No.2


A TricKlip Video Download

A travel document is shown to be held inside a card folder which itself is contained in a larger envelope. Spectators now eliminate one by one cards bearing airline names and holiday destinations until only one of each remains. Despite the freedom of choice, the performer shows that he has not only predicted the correct airline that is left, but the travel document in the folder bears the name of the correct holiday destination as well. This is easy to do and is suitable for a close up or parlour show. The props are straightforward to make.

Feb 2019 Web Offer Price: £4.00

(a saving of £3.00 on the regular cost)

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