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Web Offers - July 2018

1. Audio File Compilation 2

2. Hide And Seek

 Web Offer No.1

Audio File Compilation 2

Mark's Monthly Message is a video presentation which is provided once a month for members of E-Club Pro, and covers great advice, opinion and information on a wide range of magical topics.

The audio files below enable non-members of E-Club Pro to sample and listen via audio mp3 files to some of the topics previously available only to members.

Audio Compilation 2 is a single downloadable mp3 audio file lasting just under an hour which comprises of 6 audio tracks taken from half a dozen of the Mark's Monthly Message video presentations. Here are the details of the topics covered. 

Approaching A Table (9 mins 52 secs). Get the full details to answer one of the most commonly asked questions regarding table hopping magic. Heeding the advice given here will make the task that much easier for you.

Deciding How Long To Perform For (6 mins 08 secs). Timing how long to stay with any close up group is not just a case of performing until they seem to have had enough of you, because there are many other factors to consider, as I explain.

Expecting The Unexpected (11 mins 33 secs). Keeping calm and on track when trying to perform in the hurly burly of a busy event is not easy, so I give you plenty of tips to help you to cope with everything that is thrown at you.

Getting Great Table Reactions (11 mins 38 secs). Watching magic while sitting at a table is not a common experience for most people and often spectators can give a muted response, but you can get strong reactions if you know how to elicit them properly.

Using Patter Lines Sensitively (6 mins 49 secs). Insult humour or heckler stopper patter can easily be used incorrectly by the inexperienced and I suggest in this Message how you can avoid using patter that alienates rather than entertains your audiences.

Working Close Up Outside (9 mins 41 secs). Strolling magic is extremely versatile and can be performed successfully outside, but working in these conditions can throw up a number of extra surprises and difficulties which I look to alert you to and help you with.

July 2018 Web Offer Price: £10.00
(a saving of £5.00 on the regular cost)

 Web Offer No.2

Hide And Seek

Premier E-Routine Download

One of the classic card effects in magic is The Ambitious Card, and many close up workers use one variation or another of it.

I was looking for an in-the-hands card routine that I could introduce into my strolling work, and it suddenly occurred to me that maybe you could do the Ambitious Card in reverse! 

HIDE AND SEEK is the routine that I came up with and which I have been using in my commercial work ever since. Here's the plot.

A spectator selects a card, let's say it is the 3C. The minute you see the card you express concern because you explain that this particular card really doesn't like being chosen and thrust into the limelight. In fact, the card will do anything to escape the attention!

The card is flipped face down on top of the deck but moments later when the top card is turned over again, it is no longer the 3C! Spreading the deck face up reveals the 3C is now hidden away back in the centre of the pack.

The 3C is taken out again and placed face up on top of the pack. You explain that even if it is not actually on the top of the deck, but perhaps second from the top, it still doesn't like it. One card is dropped face down on top of the face up 3C, and instantly the 3C vanishes and is immediately found face up in the deck centre again.

If the card is taken right out of the deck, this doesn't help either. Holding the 3C in your right hand, the card is passed momentarily under your arm and instantly it changes to a completely different card - the deck is spread and the 3C seen face up in the middle once more.

Finally the 3C is laid face up on a spectator's palm and he is asked to say "I want the 3C". This makes the card so embarrassed that when the spectator turns the 3C over it now has a red back thus making it impossible to use with the blue deck!

This effect is supplied as a Premier E-Routine, which is a downloadable pdf text file with colour photo illustrations, and it also contains a link to further online video instructions. You will need to supply a regular blue backed deck and one matching red backed card.

July 2018 Web Offer Price: £6.00
(a saving of £4.00 on the regular cost)

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