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What's New For July?


The Word - Redefined

Released this month for the first time as a TricKlipXtra Video Download, this brilliantly simple yet effective book test, which can be performed with ANY book at a moment's notice, offers you one of the best versions of the classic trick around.  £10.00.
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The July E-Video Newsletter

The E-Video Newsletter is a magazine style online video programme featuring 6 interesting sections consisting of The Teach In, Top Tips, It Could Only Happen Live, Web Offers, 60 Seconds To Success and The Review Corner. Access costs just £2.00! Click above for more info.

Colour Confusion

A direct up-in-the-hands colour changing deck routine

Ideal for walkabout conditions where there is no available table surface, this is a sleight free colour changing deck routine. £10.00
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The Mark Leveridge July Podcast

The power that Derren Brown brings to his performances bucks the accepted modern trend of how we should entertain lay people : I offer a theory about when you should hand write a prediction and when it is OK to have it pre-printed : nobody knows everything in magic, so surrounding yourself with knowledgeable people can be a huge help : most performers spend more time on the show than they do on the business of promoting that show : Mark Leveridge Magic does not sell fish despite what UPS may think! : coming second on BGT could be a good thing for Issy Simpson : not getting a booking may be nothing to do with the fee