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Valid until 31st March 2019

Buy any THREE volumes of the Collected Card Magic Of Mark Leveridge and you will receive a link to download the missing 4th volume FOR FREE!

The March E-Video Newsletter

The E-Video Newsletter is a magazine style online video programme featuring 6 interesting sections consisting of The Teach In, Top Tips, The Strolling Magician Unplugged, Web Offers, 60 Seconds To Success and The Review Corner. Access costs from just £2.00! Click above for more info.

The Mark Leveridge March Podcast

Blackpool is over for another year and I give some observations, including comments on those gold wrist bands! : Morgan and West show the way to look at classics and create something better : Ian Brennan reveals a singular way to get your name remembered by spectators : Judging Arrival Times - an audio advice track extracted from a recent Mark's Monthly Message : is getting to the magic 'moment' as quickly as possible, always the right way to go? : the variety of dealers at Blackpool is even more diverse than ever

E-Club Pro Member Updates - March

The Download Portal - your free download routine this time is called The Long And The Short which is a shrinking and expanding pencil effect
The Advice Centre - I reply to questions on publicity photos and how to know which trick to select when you don't have a set table hopping repertoire
The TricKlip Viewer - watch and learn how to produce two coins and a bank note from between two beer mats without sleight of hand in Beer Money
The Vintage Vault - this time I explain a table hopping routine called Horoscope in which you appear to divine a spectator's star sign
The Lecture Room - the 7th segment from the Academy Inner Circle Session is a discussion on how to deal effectively with performance mistakes
The Tool Box - need to force a two digit number? This 4x4 number square will enable you to do just that
The Archive - get to the very heart of E-Club Pro in this section where you will find the main parts of all the E-Video Newsletters stored and available
The Book Corner - a further extract from the Marketing Yourself E-Book covering Direct Mail and Letterboxing
The Audio Booth - the 4th Audio File provided here contains advice on how to develop a good performing personality

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