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Sign up at £10.00 per month for E-Club Pro and you will receive a £5.00 refund in July, August and September. Applies to new members only. Offer finishes on 31st July 2019.

The July E-Video Newsletter

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Podcast 79 - July 2019

Podcast Gold

Each year I like to put together a special 'reprise' edition of the Podcast in which I look back over the previous 12 months or so and select half a dozen of my favourite topics to create a special compilation. If you are a regular listener, you will hopefully enjoy hearing the chosen tracks again, and if you are coming fresh to the Podcast, it should give you a good flavour for what it is like. Here are my chosen topics:

I discuss whether social media ever really delivers in terms of creating actual bookings or whether we are simply deluding ourselves : cancellation clauses in performance contracts can cause more problems than they solve : do you feel a bit uncomfortable performing for people who know you very well, such as family and friends? I look at why this might be : when creating new magic, should you start with the effect or the method? : is getting to the magic 'moment' as quickly as possible, always the right way to go? : online booking agencies make for lazy enquiries and encourage potentially unfair price comparisons

E-Club Pro Member Updates - July

The Lecture Room - part 11 of the Academy Inner Circle Session is a discussion on the advantages of bespoke performance clothing
The TricKlip Viewer - watch and learn Breakout, which is one of my favourite card effects for commercial close up work
The Advice Centre - questions this month on retractable Sharpies and advice on selecting a suitable version of Cards Across
The Vintage Vault - a real blast from the past this month with the inclusion of the latest handling for one of my early packet tricks, Seeing Is Believing
The Download Portal - Credit Transfer, a routine that combines magic with mentalism, is available for you to download this time
The Audio Booth - the 8th Audio File is an interesting one as it covers how you decide the length of time to perform with any close up group
The Archive - this section is updated every month with the latest main components from the E-Video Newsletter and Mark's Monthly Message
The Book Corner - a further extract from the Trade Show Magic E-Book which deals with what goals an exhibitor might want you to achieve for them
The Tool Box - this month I have put in a nice visual method for making a borrowed ring penetrate off an ungimmicked cord

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