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What's New For August?

The Real Magic Roadshow

Paul Richards brings his highly successful Real Magic Roadshow event to the UK next month, and Mark Leveridge Magic will be the guest dealer for the day at the Leicester Hilton on the 28th September joining regulars Paul Richards Magic, MagicSmith, JB Magic, Losander and Card Shark. It's a day of top magic to watch, learn and buy from a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable magic dealers.

Click on the graphic above for more information and to pre-book your ticket for just £10.00.

The August E-Video Newsletter

The E-Video Newsletter is a magazine style online video programme featuring 6 interesting sections consisting of The Teach In, Top Tips, The Strolling Magician Unplugged, Web Offers, 60 Seconds To Success and The Review Corner. Access costs from as little as £2.00! Click above for more info.

Podcast 80 - August 2019

I consider how big a factor performance risk can be when considering trick methods : predicting how magic will be sold in the future is put into context by a blog article I wrote way back in 1995 : the new MLM site is scheduled to launch at the end of this month and I give an insight into what it has taken to make it happen : magic is pretty unique in the way it can be used to put across messages or help others in a variety of ways : if the effect is everything, does it matter at all what the method is, or will literally anything be suitable? : the key question to ask if considering turning full time pro

E-Club Pro Member Updates - August

The Vintage Vault - enjoy learning a routine called Divination Cards in which blank cards print themselves to reveal the identity of a selected card
The Tool Box - this month the highly versatile Biddle Count is explained along with suggestions for how it can be used
The Book Corner - we continue with a further extract from the Trade Show Magic E-Book
The Archive - this is where much of the 'meat' of the E-Club Pro content resides with hundreds of pages of magic, ideas and advice updated every month
The Lecture Room - part 12 of the Academy Inner Circle Session consists of a performance and explanation of the effect Breakout
The Download Portal - this month you can download the pdf instructions for an excellent finger ring routine called simply The Magic Ring
The Audio Booth - this time the Audio File deals with how strolling magicians have to think on their feet in unpredictable performing conditions
The TricKlip Viewer - here are the video instructions for a fun, commercial effect called ATM in which a card box becomes a portable cashpoint machine
The Advice Centre - should one make a follow up call after submitting an online show quote, and how to remember the running order for a close up show?

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